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Spark Online Business Workshops Registration

Date: 12 October 2020 and 05 July 2021
Time: 09:00

Booking and Further Information

Business start-up online workshop series

Spark workshops have now changed as a reflection of the current pandemic and will be delivered online.  

This series of pre-recorded workshops is designed not only to give students and graduates of the University of Leeds an insight into what running their own business will be like, but also to provide you with very practical advice and tips for dealing with the things you will encounter when thinking about, and commencing, a new commercial venture.  

Current students can register their interest in the Spark workshop series via Careerweb only on the days set out (currently Mondays and Wednesdays). You will then be sent login details to your student email address which will allow you access to the online courses.  You only require to sign up for the workshop series once.

From then on, the workshops will be available for you to access at any time of day or night and are available throughout the year. They are in short bite size chunks, easy to digest and follow, and you can dip in and out of them at your own pace. These are pre-recorded workshops.

Once you have signed up for the workshop series you will then be sent login details to your student email address in due course. You can then access the workshops 24/7. 

Once you have completed the workshops, you can attend Q and A sessions with the presenters where you  are required to pose your questions about the specific workshop content. You must have completed the workshops before attending the Q and A sessions.

Following on from the above, you can request a 1-2-1 virtual meeting with a Spark Business Advisor to discuss your business idea in greater depth by contacting Richard Doyle on 




Only available for University of Leeds students and recent graduates.
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Now open! Online job-hunting events for Japanese-English bilinguals! -by Career Forum

Date: 06 March 2021 and 22 May 2021

Booking and Further Information

--Have you heard of the Career Forum?--

Starting in Boston in 1987, the Career Forum is not just company information sessions, but a job fair with a chance to interview in person with companies and even receive job offers. 
Over the years, Career Forums have become a staple job hunting tool for Japanese-English bilinguals especially for those seeking employment in Japan.

 CFN Online Spring
1. For all Japanese-English bilinguals (Any nationality)
2. Connect with and apply to more than 100 global famous companies
3. Live Session Day where you can have connect with companies online (17 March & 22 May)

London Career Forum Online
1. For Full time EU&UK university students & recent graduates (Japanese-English bilinguals, Any nationality) 
2. More than 20 Companies actively wanting to hire EU&UK full time students & recent graduates are participating 
3. Live Session Day where you can have connect with companies online (6 March & 8 April)

For more info & to register:

If you have any questions about the Career Forum, please contact

Only available for University of Leeds students and recent graduates.
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Pathway to PhD - Food Science and Nutrition

Date: 10 March 2021 and 28 July 2021
Time: 14:00

Booking and Further Information

Love research? Want to get paid for it? Hear from current post-graduate research students from the School of Food Science and Nutrition about their experience. UG and Msc students invited.

Kwan Mo You - March 10 2021
Research area - Food hydrocolloids and engineering, in detail food rheology and tribology

Yoga Pratama - March 24 2021
Research area - I am working on the crystallisation behaviour of buffalo milk fat. Buffalo milk is the second-highest produced milk in the world but the literature on its fat crystallisation is lacking. The crystallisation holds an important role in defining the final product characteristics such as in butter, ice cream and cheese.

Kate LeFroy - April 28 2021
Research area - I am based in the Food Science Colloids group and my research is based on replacing fat and sugar in confectionary foods, by forming water-in-oil emulsions

Ben Kew - May 26 2021
Research area - I am researching alternative proteins for food use, specifically looking at replacing fat in food with protein and how we can understand mouthfeel/texture/sensory of protein foods

Janine Preston - June 23 2021
Research area - I am researching factors affecting the growth of polyphenol food crystals and how these food crystals can be used to stabilise emulsions (as natural sustainable replacements for petroleum oil based stabilisers).

Frances Brown - July 28 2021
Research area - My research is on saliva and protein interactions. I am looking at tribology and rheology, and will start QCMD for absorption properties also. I plan on progressing from laboratory studies to including sensory analysis.

Only available for University of Leeds students and recent graduates.
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GoinGlobal | The Evolution of Employment: Job Searching During Covid 19

Date: 18 March 2021 and 06 May 2021
Time: 15:00

Booking and Further Information

Join career expert and GoinGlobal founder Mary Anne Thompson as she explores proven strategies and tactics for helping job seekers achieve their career objectives in an employment market transformed by the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

During this informative, one hour presentation, Mary Anne will share insights gathered by her global team of in-country career experts and provide practical advice on how to:

  • Develop effective job search strategies 
  • Identify emerging employment and career trends
  • Ace the video interview
  • Leverage personal and professional networking resources
  • Find remote job and internships opportunities
  • Work from anywhere!


Upcoming Live Webinar Opportunities & Registration Links


Did you know, that as a University of Leeds student and alumni, you have exclusive lifetime access to GoinGlobal? Access it via a special link here

Only available for University of Leeds students and recent graduates.
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Interested in working with special needs children?

Date: 20 April 2021
Time: 16:00

Booking and Further Information

Interested in working with children who have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)?

Come and meet Rob Cameron from the Shanidar Teaching Schools Alliance  and find out more about year in industry opportunities, experience days, and the Shanidar PGCE with SEN programme. Shanidar is a teaching school alliance in Bradford with a specialist SEND/Inclusion focus, and they're offering placement year opportunities with several of their schools just for University of Leeds students studying education or psychology! (Apply here!)

These are great opportunities and this session will be a chance to really understand what working in SEN involves, what to expect from interviews in this field, the various roles available to you and what a career might look like. Shanidar also have their own teacher training programme, so this is a great networking opportunity if you're a final year looking to get into teaching. 

Make sure you sign up, and Click here to join the meeting

Only available for University of Leeds students and recent graduates.
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