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Want a career where you can drive change? Become a future leader with Unlocked Graduates.

Date: 06 February 2018
Time: 13:00

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 Unlocked turns talented graduates into inspiring leaders through a two-year development programme focusing on prisoner rehabilitation and reducing reoffending.

Unlocked graduates will identify strategies that help prisoners rehabilitate and break the cycle of reoffending. That could mean accessing education courses, maintaining family ties, or offering additional literacy or numeracy teaching. Or it could just mean listening to prisoners and helping them confront their situation. Throughout the programme Unlocked officers receive further training and mentoring themselves from a dedicated mentor, and study for a fully-funded master’s degree.

After the two-year programme, Unlocked graduates will be part of a network of informed advocates for change, influencing perceptions of prisoners and supporting the creation of further opportunities for them to reintegrate with society. Unlocked is supported by a number of prestigious organisations who recognise the importance of its mission and quality of its leadership development programme and participants.

Following the scheme you can either progress into careers in a wide variety of sectors where your experience will enable you to take positions of responsibility, or to remain with the prison sector and lead further change from the inside.

Open to all disciplines.

Only available for University of Leeds students and recent graduates.
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