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Your Placement/Study Abroad Year

Your Placement / Study Abroad Year

Your Placement / Study Abroad Year

CSER3030 Your Placement / Study Abroad Year: valuing and articulating the experience

Personal and Professional Development Discovery Theme Module

This 20 credit, Level 3 module is designed to help you structure the way you reflect on and articulate the benefits you have gained from your placement or study abroad year. Through a series of practical workshops we will look at:

  • How to identify and present the experience to potential employers
  • Reflecting on and applying skills gained to your final year studies
  • Aspects of cultural awareness and  identity in relation to personal and professional development
  • Dealing effectively with transitions in between academic / work place contexts

You will work both individually and in small groups further developing research skills, team working, presentation ability and higher level reflection and communication skills. The focus will be on helping you to use these skills, and understanding of the value of your year, to your benefit in a personal, academic and employment context. The three practical assessments are linked closely to the workshops:

1) An individual reflection 2) a group poster presentation 3) a resource development for other students.

The module is taught by careers professionals with academic and employer input.

Student feedback on the module:

I feel that I am well on the way to bridging the gap between where I was post study abroad and where I want to be as a graduate

This module has definitely helped me build on the skills I acquired during my year abroad

Definitely a useful and enjoyable module and helpful for transition to being a graduate and applying / understanding development

I have loved the content, class interaction, support from the tutor and I have felt really able to relax and enjoy the module

I think it is a great way to reflect on the year away and bring it to a close while gaining credits. It helped me by allowing me to talk about my experiences upon return, compared to losing touch with the experiences had and so feeling like the whole experience didn't happen.

All the students who took the module in academic session 15/16, its first year, said they would recommend it to other students.

Please note this 20 credit module is only open, as a Discovery Theme module, to students who have successfully completed a study abroad or industrial placement year module as a credit bearing part of their degree.

When you have completed this module you will have:

  • Further developed and applied a range of core skills (including group work, research, critical thinking, networking and independent review) in order to effectively articulate your experience in the context of your own personal and professional development
  • Explored and related concepts of culture, identity and transition to your experience
  • Shared your experience and learning with other students / staff at the University of Leeds and contributed to a legacy that will inform future study abroad / placement year students.
Module title Level Discipline Credits Semester Module code

Your Placement/
Study Abroad Year: valuing and articulating the experience

3 any  20 1 CSER3030

What to do next:

  • Check out the undergraduate module catalogue for more information on the timetable, syllabus, assessments and teaching methods.  
  • Enrol online for the CSER 3030 Your Placement/Study Abroad Year: Valuing and Articulating the Experience.
  • Contact Caroline Shingles for more information at