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STAR method

Star example


Throughout University I worked part-time as a waitress.



On a particularly busy weekend, we were short staffed and an angry customer complained about the extended wait for their food.



I utilised effective communication to help resolve the issue. I first listened attentively to the customer and clarified the reason for his complaint to ensure I fully understood. I apologised and explained the reasons for the delay, and that it was not usual to have to wait this long but that I would see what I could do. I then spoke to the kitchen staff to find out how long it would be before his order was going to be ready and asked for the order to be moved to a priority: By explaining the situation to them, they were willing to prioritise it (something which they would not usually do). I also asked for an estimate as to when it would be ready. I then apologised again to the customer and gave him the estimated waiting time for his order.



This resulted in the customer calming down, being satisfied with their food and returning to the restaurant on a regular basis.