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What should you expect?

You may be given a topic in advance or be given 15 minutes to prepare on the day. You may be asked to present to an individual or to a panel of interviewers, or in front of the other candidates.  If it is not clear, you can always contact them and ask.

What are the assessors looking for?

  • Your presentation skills
  • A clear and logical structure
  • A good understanding of the topic
  • Confidence and personality 

How can you prepare?

If you know your topic in advance, you can think about:

  • PowerPoint or Prezi presentation
  • Props
  • Hand-outs
  • Practising! 

If you are given the topic on the day, use your preparation time to plan:

  • A clear and logical structure
  • Key points to get across
  • A strong beginning and ending 

Even if you are not told you will be doing a presentation you may be asked to introduce yourself in front of the other candidates. 

Help from the Careers Centre  

The Careers Centre can help with presentations and show you where to find useful resources. We also offer assessment centre workshops, including presentations. Check out the assessment centre homepage for more details.

You can also make a longer appointment to practise your presentation and get some feedback.