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University Statistics: 2015/16 Cohort

The table below shows a summary for the University of Leeds and constituent Faculties.

Data is for UK, full-time first-degree graduates who were available for employment.

Graduate Prospects Positive Outcomes Response Rate
University 81.49% 96.81% 82.80%
Arts, Humanities and Cultures 73.86% 95.04% 75.49%
Biological Sciences 77.87% 97.20% 84.22%
Business 89.44% 96.67% 86.59%
Education, Social Sciences and Law 73.72% 98.19% 79.17%
Engineering 88.57% 97.14% 85.27%
Environment 79.46% 95.54% 86.47%
Mathematics and Physical Sciences 82.85% 95.35% 90.52%
Medicine and Health 94.01% 99.69% 90.96%

The following table shows the destination categories for the University of Leeds as a whole.

No. Graduates Graduate Level Excluded
Full-time work 2141 1813 4
Part-time work 312 142
Mainly work, also study 58 54
Mainly study, also work 79 78
Full-time study 606 601
Part-time study 21 20
Unemployed 110
Due to start work 30
Other 226
Explicit refusal 172
No response 780

Available for employment : Excludes the 'Other', 'Explicit refusal' and 'No response' categories.

Graduate Prospects : The percentage of graduates in graduate level employment or further study as a proportion of those who were 'Available for employment' excluding those who were 'Due to start work' and those whose destinations were 'Excluded' because the SOC2010 code could not be classified.

Positive Outcomes : The percentage of graduates in employment or further study as a proportion of those who were 'Available for employment'.

Response Rate : All categories except 'Explicit refusal' and 'No response' as a proportion of all graduates in the survey.