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Arts, Humanities and Cultures

Arts, Humanities and Cultures

Individual Support

There are a number of ways you can access individual careers support;

Faculty Consultant Appointments

If you would like to see a Consultant who works specifically with your faculty for any type of careers query, you can make an appointment to see one of us through our online booking system

Choose “Arts/PVAC Careers Appointment” to view and book available appointments.  Please note that we release appointment slots up to two weeks in advance, so if there is nothing currently available, check back the following week.

Unless otherwise stated, all appointments take place at the Careers Centre, 5-7 Cromer Terrace.

If you book an appointment and then cannot attend, it is essential that you cancel the appointment so that it becomes available for another student to book.  If you fail to attend a booked appointment without notifying us in advance, or without good reason, you may be restricted from making other appointments in the future. 

Faculty Specific Careers Information and Resources:

You can find a lot of useful information and resources to support your career research and thinking here

Arts, Humanities and Cultures
Performance, Visual Arts and Communication

Your Faculty Consultants are:

Gill Barber

Helen Knowles

Ingrid Bale

Steve Bone