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Global Careers Month

Global Careers Month

Global Careers Month

March 2020 is Global Careers Month - a series of events and activities to help you find out about amazing opportunities worldwide.

 We benefit from ever-growing global connections - partnerships, alumni networks, employer connections - and you can benefit from them too.

 We'll be organising skills-based workshops, employer-led sessions, inspirational alumni talks, as well as student-led events , movie nights and more. 

Global Careers Month is for anyone looking to explore the world of work abroad - open to UK and international students.

What's on?

To see all of the events on for Global Careers Month, go to MyCareer and tick 'Global Careers' in the events page.

 Did you miss an event? Don't worry! We're recording many of the events and making them available as webinars, so you can catch up here.

Global Careers Month

Are you a 'mobile graduate?'

‘Mobile’ graduates are those who had at least one period abroad of a week or longer as part of their undergraduate first degree.

According to the 'Gone International' report:

  • Mobile graduates were more likely to obtain first-class honours or an upper second-class degree (91.6%) than non-mobile graduates (80%)
  • Six months after graduating only 3.1% of mobile graduates were unemployed, compared to 4.2% of non-mobile graduates.
  • Mobile graduates who were working in full-time, paid employment had an average salary of £23,482, compared to an average salary of £22,256 for non-graduates (a difference of 5.5%) six months after graduating.
  • Of all working, mobile graduates in the 2016−17 cohort, 78.3% secured a ‘graduate-level’ job within six months of graduating, compared to 73.2% of non-mobile graduates.   

Where to get 'global careers' experience?

Our working internationally and working abroad pages are a good start. Also make sure to visit GoinGlobal (access from university computer and create an account, you can use it forever!) and their amazing blog.

If you are keen for a summer abroad experience, look for Summer Abroad opportunities and for a full year away (while studying) check Study Abroad and Work Placements pages

Are you an international student looking for work experience in the UK? Then head to our staying in the UK page and regularly browse the Student Circus (register first though) website. 

And of course, for any jobs and work experience in every single part of the world (or UK) regularly visit MyCareer

Get a boost from our Global alumni by joining the Leeds for Life network and get access to successful alumni from more than 100 different countries. Have a look at other events Careers Centre planned, including the Spring Careers Fair, join the Global Community 100s of different LUU societiesmentoring opportunities and of course learn a different language for free.

For other great ideas visit the student opportunities website

Online learning 

Did you know you have free access to LinkedIN Learning and some amazing courses such as 'Getting advice from some of the big names in business', 'Becoming a successful job hunter' or 'Setting up a LinkedIN profile for students'.

And if you are an international student, you can access the free 'Preparing for Work' online course (you need to sign up before 12th of April though). 

So where will your career take you?