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Making the most of your time at Leeds

Making the most of your time at Leeds

Making the most of your time at Leeds

Graduate employers look for a range of skills, work and extra-curricular experience in addition to your degree. Throughout your time at Leeds there are lots of opportunities for you to build upon your skills and get valuable experience which will improve your chances of gaining a good job after graduation. 

Gaining paid or voluntary work experience during your degree 

Both paid and voluntary work experience is a great asset to have when applying for your future graduate job. Employers will truly appreciate your wide range of skills and your previous experience of a working environment. It is also an excellent opportunity to find out about different careers, organisations and what type of work suits you the best.

Come to the Careers Centre and see how we can support you in gaining work experience during your studies. You can also check out our section on work experience and our job vacancy database with fantastic opportunities for University of Leeds students. 

For information about working during your studies consult the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website: you will need to apply for a National Insurance Number if you intend to do this.

As a volunteer you can also gain a wide range of experience which will appeal to a future employer. Leeds for LifeVoluntary Action Leeds or Volunteering England are great starting points if you’re looking to make a difference and gain some useful skills.

Developing skills throughout your studies 

During your time as a student in Leeds you have some incredible opportunities to gain new skills which you will be able to use in your job after graduation: 

  • Take advantage of Skills@Library which can help you develop important skills that you can apply both while studying and working. 
  • Make the most of Leeds for Life. Find out about the variety of activities that you can take part in and keep track of the skills you gain.
  • English skills. Practise your English at every opportunity as employers value good verbal and written English skills. The Language Centre provides language support for international students such as study skills classes and workshops. You can also gain further assistance and guidance on grammar, spelling and pronunciation in the Language Zone, a self-study area on the 2nd floor of the Parkinson building.

If you get involved in the Leeds University Union student societies you will not only get to meet new people and have fun, but you will also have the opportunity to be involved in activities such as team building, organising social events and fundraising which are great skills to have when you leave university.