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Mentoring Hub Schemes

Careers Centre Mentoring Hub

The University offers a number of mentoring schemes. Some are managed within individual Faculties, while others are managed by the Careers Centre Mentoring Hub

To check if your there is a mentoring programme in your Faculty/School, visit the Faculty Mentoring Scheme page. 

Careers Centre Mentoring schemes

We have a range of mentoring schemes, from full year to short online schemes.

eMentoring: a 7-9 week, online eMentoring programme which enables students to connect with professional Leeds Alumni who have fantastic experience and knowledge of various professions and industries.

Take the opportunity to take the lead role in improving your employability prospects. Sign up to be connected with a professional who is working in your area of interest for ‘real world’ advice, guidance and practical information. You will receive their support and guidance to develop application and interview skills and get to know more about what a certain job might involve.  The eMentoring scheme is open to all undergraduate students at Leeds.  Please note: Do not apply if you will be participating in another mentoring scheme at the same time. 

  • Applications open: 28 January 2019
  • Applications close: 17 February 2019 (submit your application by 23.59)
  • Apply online
  • Contact period: 25 February 2019 to 26 April 2019

Alumni Leadership Mentoring Programme: a full year mentoring programme which matches Leeds Alumni with students in their final year of study, providing an opportunity to learn from one of our expert alumni.  As a mentee, you could receive expert advice to help you maximise your time at university, along with insights into your sector of interest.  Apply for a Mentor and be motivated and empowered to succeed as leaders in your chosen field.  Please note: Do not apply if you are already participating in another mentoring scheme.

  • Applications open: 14 March 2019
  • Applications close: 14 April 2019
  • Contact period: 18 October 2019 to end of June 2020

PwC Female Mentoring Scheme: a full year scheme mentoring programme, specifically designed for female students on the Plus Programme who would like to connect with female leaders at PwC’s offices in Leeds city centre. Mentees will receive coaching and advice about the skills required to make them employable, along with insight into the transition from academia into industry and beyond. The diverse nature of the mentors and mentees, and the fact they meet face to face on a regular basis, has led to many successful mentoring relationships. Please note: Do not apply if you are already participating in another mentoring scheme.

  • Applications open: 7 October 2019
  • Applications close: 27 October 2019
  • Contact period: 4 November to end of June 2020

Leeds Network, an online career networking platform: As a Leeds student you can also connect with Leeds Alumni via the Leeds Network in Leeds for Life. Log onto Leeds for Life with your student details to find out more. 

Please note: none of our mentoring schemes are work experience/internship, nor are they intended to lead to an offer of employment with the Mentor/Mentor's employer.