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Mock interviews

Mock interviews

Mock interviews

If you have been offered an interview it is well worth having a trial run first. We can offer mock interviews to give you a realistic practice before the big day.

How does it work?

We mainly offer 5 types of mock interview:

  • A telephone interview
  • A face to face interview
  • A Skype interview
  • A video interview
  • A practice of your presentation

After the interview, or sometimes question by question, we will give you feedback on your answers and tips on how you could improve.

Our careers advisers use their wealth of expertise to ask you the right kind of questions to give you the best possible preparation for your interview. However, it is not usually possible to know exactly what kind of questions you will be asked, so we focus on helping you improve how you answer questions and perform during an interview.

How to book a mock interview

You can book a mock interview directly by going to our appointment booking system and choosing the Mock Interview (All Faculties) from the drop down menu. It is important that you prepare for this mock interview in the same as you would for the real interview so do make use of the online resources or book an initial short appointment to get some tips and advice. 

In order for our careers advisers to help you prepare we need to be able to tailor the mock interview to your individual circumstances. Therefore we will need you to send the following information to the consultant beforehand:

  • A copy of your CV/application
  • Type of interview
  • Length of interview
  • Employer
  • Job title
  • Details of the interview, for example, what it will involve.

How to book a practice video interview

In order to book a practice video interview you must have been invited for an actual video interview. Email  with 'Practice Video Interview' in the subject and the following information in the email:

  • Your name
  • Student ID number
  • Faculty or school
  • Name of the employer your video interview is with
  • Name of the role your video interview is for
  • Date of your video interview

We'll send you a link to register and practise your video interview which you must record within 10 days. Once you have submitted your video interview we will send you feedback, by email, within 3 working days.