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I.T digital skills shortage by 2015

Published: Monday, 15 April 2013

The I.T digital sector is growing at a rapid rate and it is predicted that by 2015 there could be a significant skills shortage. It is a massive industry contributing 12% of the country's total GDP.

The digital I.T sector is not restricted to I.T companies and involves a wide range of roles from developing 'Apps' and software to digital marketing through platforms such as social media.

There are also roles for people that like being innovative and finding creative solutions. In fact the more you find yourself at the cutting edge of something new in the digital world the more likely you are to succeed in finding employment.

Here are some tips for getting into this fast moving sector:

  • Develop new skills by gaining hands on work experience in the industry. The specialist site enternships is a great place to start.
  • Identify companies you want to work for, find out what they do and what area of their business interests you. Then don't be afraid to send off a targeted CV.
  • Follow developments in the I.T digital sector by reading specialist publications such as V3, Computer Weekly, Computing and ComputerWorldUK . It is also advisable follow businesses and individuals on twitter to keep your knowledge bang up to date. 

Source: Guardian Careers