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Is there really a shortage of STEM graduates?

Published: Tuesday, 30 April 2013

It is often said that the UK faces a shortage of graduates from subjects covering science, technology, engineering and mathematics. However according to recent research this may not be true.

A recent poll of AGR members found that 95% felt there was an issue recruiting graduates from STEM subjects and 45% believed this to be a serious problem. This has led to the popular misconception, in the media, that it must be because of a lack of graduates.

Recent research by Work Group found that the shortage is mainly due to graduates choosing to work for non-technical recruiters. They suggest that recruiters are not making their technical opportunities sound exciting enough or offering competitive salaries.

Another factor is the the number of talented engineers, mathematicians and scientist with 2:2 degrees that never make it to the interview stage and are lost to the industry.

Regardless of this research both the AGR and Work Group do agree that more needs to be done to attract females to STEM subjects.

Source: Targetjobs