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GoinGLobal webinar | Interested in finding a job or internship across town or around the world?

Date: 03 June 2020 and 21 October 2020
Time: 10:00

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Event is suitable for:

  • Students and alumni interested in finding job or internship abroad or in the UK

Goinglobal is a one-stop shop online resource for any student and alumni looking to work abroad. As well as advertising job and internship opportunities around the world, Goinglobal provides useful country guides (as well as USA and Canada city guides) covering everything from job-search resources, job-market information, application tips and information on work permits and visas.

This webinar will explain on how to best use Goinglobal and how to search for jobs worldwide as well as in the UK. 

To access Goinglobal, visit this website to register now

To visit previous Goinglobal webinar recordings, visit:

Only available for University of Leeds students and recent graduates.
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National Inclusion Week: Sense of Belonging Panel Event

Date: 29 September 2020
Time: 13:00

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An open and honest panel discussion from students and staff from the University of Leeds on their sense of belonging

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About this Event

An open and honest panel discussion about what a sense of belonging means, drawing from the panels own lived experiences and sharing suggestions for how others could also find a sense of belonging at the University of Leeds. The panel will feature students and staff, showcasing diversity and intersectionality. The audience will have an opportunity to participate via the chat, reflecting on their own experiences and practice and will be able to ask the panellists questions. We will also be running a Microsoft Forms Poll where the audience can vote what topics they want the panel to discuss in the second half of the talk.

This event will run via Microsoft TEAMS, so please make a note in your calendar of the date and time. We will send you a reminder email containing a link to the meeting prior to the event. You can also access the meeting by logging into your eventbrite account, clicking on the event and the online event details. There is a maximum number of 250 tickets, we will be prioritising students and staff from the University of Leeds - so please sign up with your University email address. We will be recording the event and sharing afterwards.

Following the theme of National Inclusion Week 2020 `"each one reach one"` we encourage all staff and students to bring someone `virtually` along to this event with the reason `because it is important to me`. This is important to raise awareness of the issues surrounding a sense of belonging and to share best practice.

Any questions please email the event organiser, Susan Preston, If you would like an outlook invite with a link to the event please email Susan.

Prior to the event, we will be recording an intro podcast for you to get to know our panellists before the event, providing a flavour for what will be discussed. We will share this with you before the event- if you have signed up to the eventbrite.

Join the conversation on twitter with the hashtag #BelongingAtLeeds


Susan Preston (She/Her)

Susan will be hosting the panel event. Susan is a final year undergraduate student at the University of Leeds reading Human Geography. She has also been in the unique position of being a member of staff as well as a student. Susan has been working as an Equality and Inclusion Project Assistant for the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences for the past year. Susan is incredibly passionate about inclusion and founded the Leeds University Commuters' Society. She identifies as a Commuter Student, one that does not live in Leeds and lives in the family home and will be conducting her dissertation on this topic. Susan, also, completed the Access to Leeds scheme to enter University. She is very proud of her Yorkshire heritage, with her family coming from a mining and brass banding background. Susan created this event to give voices to under-represented groups of staff and students at the University.

Meegan Worcester (She/Her)

Meegan Worcester is currently taking a sandwich placement year as part of her Sustainability and Environmental Management degree. She identifies as an estranged student, heterosexual cis female, Mixed White British/Asian and a Third Culture Kid (as she grew up in Riyadh and Dubai until she was 16). She has tried to increase her sense of belonging at the University by raising awareness of estranged students, by organising and running events for staff and students to improve the University's engagement strategy. She has recently won a University Student Partnership Award for representing students as a School Representative for the School of Earth and Environment.

Franks Feng (He/Him)

Franks Feng is the first ever International Officer at Leeds University Union. Franks grew up in China, before moving to Leeds. His main objective this year is to represent the international student voice through student engagement. Franks wants to bridge the gap between international and home students by hosting more multicultural events. Franks wants to enhance employment opportunities for international students by creating an international alumni network and workshops. Finally Franks wants to work with students to push the process of decolonising the University.

Emily Towler (They/Them)

Emily works for the Plus Programme at the University. They focus on the areas of transition into University and continuation on course alongside the team, looking at building a sense of belonging during the adjustment to student life and beyond. The team won the NEON Widening Access Initiative (Retention and Progression) Award in 2019.

Emily has had quite a non-linear route through education after some disruption during their school life. They first completed an apprenticeship, before taking an Access to HE course and completed their first degree as a mature student part-time via distance learning, whilst still working full time. After really enjoying studying, Emily later took the leap to study full-time in a totally different subject area, and a few years later came to the University of Leeds for a postgraduate course. They identify as a working class, queer, non-binary person. Emily believes in being vocal and visible about their background, to bring the benefit of their experiences into their work and to show up for others who may need to see someone like them, and for their own health and wellbeing.

Nadine Cavigioli (She/Her)

Nadine Cavigioli is the Deputy Programme Manager for the Foundation Degree and BA in Learning & Teaching at the University of Leeds Lifelong Learning Centre. Her role mainly focuses on supporting mature, part-time, first-generation and work-based UG students. She is a first generation academic with a working class heritage who has also spent the last 13 years being a part-time mature student, whilst raising her daughter and working. She draws upon her lived experiences to support similar others. Earlier this year Nadine completed a Doctorate in Education which explored the lived experience of mature part-time UG’s using an online peer support community. She is very passionate about challenging classism in higher education and highlighting psychological barriers that marginalised cohorts often face.

Paul Devlin (He/Him)

Paul Devlin is a student support officer working for the Lifelong Learning Centre. Paul is working towards achieving honorary Yorkshireman status (7 years into his attempt), already a member of the Lifetime Geordie club coming from Newcastle’s West End. Paul's academic journey concluded with the crowning glory of one and a half GCSE passes aged 16. He has a working class chip on his shoulder and is passionate about challenging the perception that working class people should ‘aspire’ to be something ‘greater’. Paul is interested in ‘belonging’ on campus both as a geographic community, a community of interest and as a diverse population in terms of age, belief, origin, culture and more.

Salma Al Arefi (She/Her)

Dr Salma M. S. Al Arefi was born in Gharian, Libya and is one of the few females to have had the chance to study abroad. She came to the U.K. at the age of 17 to learn English and study Engineering. She received her BEng (Hons) degree in Telecom. Engineering and PhD in Computing and Electronic Systems from the University of Essex, Colchester, U.K., in 2013 and 2018, respectively. Her unique academic journey which made possible by the support she continues to receive from her family, has made her a role model for young women of her culture/community.

Dr. Al Arefi is an award-wining teaching fellow in Electrical Power Systems and a member of the Inclusion and Student Success Committee at the School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, University of Leeds. She has been actively involved with various events to increase the participation, contribution and success of women in engineering by delivering inspirational talks, sharing her success story as an international woman who stammers. Before moving to Leeds, she worked as a lecturer at the University of Surrey and Royal Holloway College, University of London.

Tilen Kolar (He/Him)

Tilen Kolar is a final year Economics and Geography student. He identifies as a gay man. Tilen grew up in a small town in Slovenia, and he started with LGBT+ activism early on. He was a guest speaker at several Slovenian national and international Youth Summits, where he talked about the position of the LGBT+ youth in the rural parts of Slovenia. At the University of Leeds, he aims to establish himself as a young researcher-activist in the field of queer geography. He is a Laidlaw Scholar, collaborating on the research project Queer Memorials under the supervision of Dr Martin Zebracki, in which they explore LGBTQ+ dedicated monuments. As part of the project, the team wants to research the desire of the Leeds community to create their own LGBT+ monument. During the Pride Month, he conducted a workshop at the University in which the participants designed their own models of potential LGBT+ monuments. Tilen was also a guest speaker at the Research Nights run by the Leeds Doctoral College.

Sean Stansill (He/Him)

Sean is a current PhD student in physics. He has been studying at Leeds since 2015, coming to the university through the contextual admissions scheme. As a white working class male from an underperforming school, Sean has been receiving support from outreach teams since he was 14. Sean is passionate about issues of elitism and a lack of diversity in science, and has been working with the university’s outreach team for the past 3 years to make science more accessible. He is currently working on projects to bring his science to the public.

Interested in similar events? We are also running an event later in the week on Bringing your Authentic Self to the University of Leeds. Find out more here.

Only available for University of Leeds students and recent graduates.
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Heads or Tails? A Tale of Two Strategies in your job search

Date: 29 September 2020
Time: 15:00

Booking and Further Information

Searching for a job or placement is more than just waiting on updated job boards. The pandemic means agile thinking, innovation, self-motivation and resilience, not just as a future employee, but also in your hunt for a suitable role.
This MS Teams webinar from Leeds Untied (not a typo!) - Career Consultants Ben Robertson & Marc Steward - will provide advice and support about how to make the most of your time in your search for a job or placement.

Link -

Only available for University of Leeds students and recent graduates.
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Media Futures- How to turn your passion into a paycheck

Date: 29 September 2020
Time: 16:00

Booking and Further Information

Find out how former Leeds University Broadcast Journalism Student, Mim Shaikh was able to take his love for radio, acting, and creativity and turn them into a respective and individual career path where he gets to work in television, film, and radio- and become a household name via Masterchef!

Mim Shaikh has broadcast on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Asian Network, and BBC Radio 1. He has starred in over 14 film and television productions in the UK including Masterchef, Informer, Pilgrimage and made his debut in the factual film space by authoring his own, personal 60-minute documentary entitled Finding Dad for BBC Three.  

Please note this is an online session and will be hosted on Collaborate. You will be sent a reminder email before the event with the link to attend

Only available for University of Leeds students and recent graduates.
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SSP Careers "practicalities and Prepare for the Fair

Date: 30 September 2020
Time: 12:00

Booking and Further Information

This session is for Level 2 & 3 students in the School of Sociology and Social policy and will cover:

Prepare for the Fair - how to make the most of the Graduate and Placements Fair on 5th October; including how to talk to Employers

Practical help and resources open to you - Mycareer, Vmock, careerweb and other resources

Start your planning: What you can think about now to start your future plans

Only available for University of Leeds students and recent graduates.
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