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Starting a business (Spark)

Starting a business (Spark)

Around a third of students intend to start their own business. Our Spark team will support and encourage you from initial idea to start up and beyond.

If you have got a business idea, then we can help. Maybe you are just wondering whether starting a business is a realistic graduate career, then we can support you.

In this section

This part of the website gives you lots of information on business start up and the services we offer. It includes case studies of people that have been successful in the past. There are also details of the events and modules we put on to help you make the idea of starting a business a realistic one.

How we can help you

We have a dedicated team to support you in starting up and running a business. We offer:

  • Access to grants and funding to help you get started.
  • Events and modules to help you learn about setting up and running a business.
  • Access to careers advice to help you decide whether starting a business is right for you.
  • Advice and mentoring including access to alumni to help you from concept to start up and beyond.
  • Books with advice on starting your own business that can be borrowed from the Careers Centre.
  • eBooks that can be downloaded or read online such as:

    Never get a real job ebook Never get a "real" job

    For more check out our self employment resources page and our eBooks for starting your own business

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