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Event Management / Leisure / Hospitality / Tourism

Event Management / Leisure / Hospitality / Tourism

Hospitality and events work from catering or hotel manager to event organiser and exhibition designer. Also incorporates sports roles, managing leisure facilities and all tourism occupations.

In this range of jobs you would be helping people enjoy their leisure time and ensuring activities and events run smoothly. There are also sports roles where you would be improving the performance of athletes or other sportspeople. The work is in different settings from restaurants, hotels and leisure centres to jobs based abroad looking after tourists and in some sports roles you could be self employed. It is essential to have good communication and organisational skills and you need leadership ability if you are in sports because you must be able to motivate clients.

We have an extensive network of alumni with a wide range of experiences, doing all kinds of jobs. To talk to alumni members working in this sector, visit the Leeds Network

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