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Health Promotion and Wellbeing

Health Promotion and Wellbeing

Medical roles and allied specialism such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, radiography and health promotion. Also covers social work and community care such as advice work, housing management and counselling.

This job family might appeal to you if you have an interest in people's health and well-being. For many of the roles you will need good communication and team working skills and you should be patient and able to empathise with your clients. Opportunities in health are influenced by national government policies and trends such as the ageing population and innovations in health care provision. You might also be interested in social care if you would like a career helping people overcome difficulties related to physical, mental, environmental or lifestyle problems.

We have an extensive network of alumni with a wide range of experiences, doing all kinds of jobs. To talk to alumni members working in this sector, visit the Leeds Network

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