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To Inform or Not to Inform: Talking to an Employer about your Disability

Date: 20 October 2021
Time: 12:00

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One of the most difficult decisions to make is whether or not you are going to inform a potential employer about your disability or health condition. Not surprisingly you fear that you will be discriminated against, judgements will be made about your ability and / or that you will be seen as a hassle; and that is before we even begin to talk about concerns over how the information provided will be used and who it will be shared with.

However, if you are not open about your disability not only can’t you draw on some of your experiences to demonstrate your skills and strengths; more importantly, you won’t be able to ask for the support/ adjustments that you may need during the recruitment process. And without this support you will not be able to demonstrate your suitability for the role and more than likely will be rejected for a role that you are more than capable of doing.

During this free webinar Helen Cooke, leading expert in disability and student recruitment and Founder of MyPlus Students’ Club, who will help you to understand the benefits of being open, the consequences of not, and provide some hints and tips on how to write your ‘openness statement’

This webinar will:

  1. Highlight why employers ask about disability
  2. Look at how the information is used and who it is shared with
  3. Build understanding into the benefits of being open, and the consequences of not
  4. Consider what information is appropriate to share
  5. Enable delegates to write their ‘openness statement’

We hope that you will be able to join us on 20th October. To register your interest, please email: Jo Metcalf, at MyPlus Students’ Club.

Only available for University of Leeds students and recent graduates.
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