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Labour market trends

Labour market trends

Understanding the graduate labour market can be crucial in helping students make informed decisions and create detailed plans for maximising their chances of getting into their chosen careers. Labour market intelligence consists of three specific parts:
  • The immediate graduate employment prospects. This might be a general understanding of key trends in graduate recruitment or how specific industry sectors are currently performing.
  • The future graduate job market predictions. Whilst this could be general it is more likely to focus on what industry sectors are likely to grow and what new jobs are emerging.
  • The skills and attributes that employers are seeking in the immediate and longer term. This informs students and graduates of what skills and attributes they need to acquire to be competitive in the graduate labour market.
The Higher Education Empirical Research database also has a section for research into the graduate labour market.

How we can help

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  7. Graduate perceptions of the labour market and how it influences their plans - Executive Summary of the High Fliers survey 2013

Future plans

  • To include a regional breakdown of graduate job market trends on the student site
  • To provide labour market trends relating to industry sectors together with information on the key employers and what skills and attributes they are seeking.
  • Analysis of graduate recruitment websites and databases to understand key trends in the current graduate labour market.

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