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Career development

Career development

Career development

Plan ahead, discover what opportunities are available to you and enhance your decision making by taking the Career Planning Modules.

These accredited modules will increase your awareness of your skills and personal characteristics, while preparing for your future career. The two Career Development modules will prepare you for the future by looking at how you fit into the workplace and build your confidence in digitially articulating a professional image for employers.

The modules are developed and delivered by professionally-accredited and experienced Career Consultants and both modules are highly practical and are assessed continually throughout the semester with no exams.

If you are in your Middle Year you can take the elective 20 credit module - Developing Your Professional Identity: Reflective Practice for Informed Career Planning CSER 2208

If you are in your Final Year you can take the  elective 10 Credit module - Developing a Graduate Identity: Reflective Practice for Informed Career Planning CSER 3102

More details can be found in the module catalogue.

If you have taken a work placement year as part of your degree you can take our "Building upon a Year in Industry Module" CSER3060

CSER3060 is only open, as an elective, to students who have done a work placement year as an accredited part of their degree. 

If you have taken a industrial year work placement, this module will facilitate you to reflect upon and consolidate your work-based learning within a professional environment. This will include: 

  • Understanding your transformation Journey, including that of transitioning in and out of Higher Education
  • Ensuring that your learning is used as a springboard for a successful future career. 

What to do next:

  • Check out the undergraduate module catalogue for more information on the timetable, syllabus, assessments and teaching methods.
  • Enrol online for the Career development module.

  • Contact Caroline Shingles for more information at