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Work placement

Work placement

Work placement

A work placement year is a great way to develop your skills and stand out to a graduate recruiter. If your department cannot offer you a work placement module in your third year, then this module is set up for you.

This module is  delivered by experienced staff at the Careers Centre and is designed to make sure you have the opportunity to take a placement year in your third year. The module will increase your awareness of your skills and give you the opportunity to gain invaluable first-hand experience in the work place.

Working for a full year gives you so much more to talk about on your CV or in interviews, as you have seen things through to the end. Being able to graduate already with a full year of experience puts me in a really strong position and makes me feel more positive about my options when I finish University

Fiona, BA(Hons) History, CSER8000 placement year in the Marketing Office at the University of Leeds

Departments currently offering CSER8000

The following departments currently offer a placement year via CSER8000: Psychology, Sociology & Social Policy,  School of Education, Law and the Lifelong Learning Centre.  If you are a Joint Honours student and your parent department doesn't offer a placement year, come and talk to us. Also, if your department cannot support you with your specific requirements, for example you wish to do more than one placement, we may be able to help.

What counts as a placement year? 

To take this module you need a placement, or placements (maximum of two) amounting to 1200 hours duration (equivalent to around nine months full time) to begin at the end of your successfully completed second year of study. If you would like to work in industry for longer than nine months, you may be able to secure a placement for up to fifteen months. Placements can be paid or unpaid with any size of organisation including voluntary groups in the UK or overseas. Placements do need to be approved by the Careers Centre and your home department.

The Careers Centre is here to help you research and secure your placements and we will provide you with all pre-placement and on-placement support. For more information, check out our work experience section.

When you have completed the module you will have:

  • Understood how a work environment functions and your contribution to it.
  • Gained a high level of transferable skills.
  • Understood how you can apply your work-based learning to other areas of personal development, including academic performance.

Module Title





Module Code

Work Placement Year




all year


 What to do next:

  • Check out - is a year in industry for me?
  • Visit the Careers Centre drop-in (Monday - Friday 2-4pm) or book an appointment with a member of the Careers Centre team on MyCareer (click 'appointments') to get support and guidance.
  • Look out for talks in your department about the module.

Meet our work placement students

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