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Further study abroad

Further study abroad

Further study abroad

An overseas qualification can be attractive to employers as it demonstrates adaptability, initiative, motivation and resourcefulness.  

Employers are increasingly seeking ‘global graduates’ who can work in different countries and cultures.

Choosing to study abroad requires a significant commitment and it is important that you think through all the practicalities, as well as the possible career benefits. You can learn more about students' experiences and how studying abroad can have a positive impact on your studies and future career from Go International and Global Graduates

Tuition fees and living costs can be less than the UK, but they can also be more. Costs vary significantly from country to country. It is important that you research all potential living and studying costs, including air fares, visa fees, assessment costs, etc.  You need to be confident that you can meet all your expenses for the duration of the course.

Getting funding to study abroad is highly competitive, but there are international scholarships available. These can be from universities with a recognised international expertise or from specialist funding agencies such as the Fulbright Commission who fund study in the USA.

When researching your course, you should take into account the language used in tuition. More and more universities, including many based in Europe, now offer tuition in English. However, to get the most from the experience of studying abroad you will need some proficiency in the language of the country.


  • Start planning at least eighteen months in advance. There are some critical closing dates for major schemes and you often have to sit entry tests.
  • Do your research! You can search by course, or by country. TARGETpostgrad is a good starting point to help you decide on your options.
  • Work out how much money you need and how you are going to find it. 
  • Funding is highly competitive.  If you are going to apply for scholarships, you need to make an excellent application so get help from the Careers Centre. Check out the information on the main funding opportunities.
  • Make sure that the qualification you receive will be recognised internationally and will progress your career plans.