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Graduate Destinations

Joint honours

University can be a life-changing experience. Students studying at Leeds have the opportunity to learn a subject they choose in a University and city that offer a wide-range of other opportunities to develop other skills and interests.

When they graduate, some students go on to do things that directly relate to their degree, others may use the skills they have developed whilst at Leeds and some may even do something entirely different altogether. We have picked out a range of examples to show you what graduates studying in our Centre for Joint Honours go on to do.

Degree related

Below are examples of graduate destinations that are directly related to their studies:

  • Account Manager
  • Assistant Producer
  • Audit Associate
  • Business Development Executive
  • Challenge Events Coordinator
  • Assurance Associate
  • Corporate Hospitality Retailer
  • Distribution and Acquisition International Coordinator
  • Editor
  • Exports Assistant
  • Graduate Food Buyer
  • Freelance Author
  • National Projects Coordinator
  • Online Researcher
  • Operations Analyst
  • PR Executive
  • Public Affairs Consultant
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Senior Fundraiser and Event Manager
  • Trainee Investment Accountant
  • Member and Guest Services Manager

Something completely different

For some, the opportunities available at the University of Leeds (like active student societies) and the city itself can lead to destinations that might not appear to be related to the subject studied in any way whatsoever. These can be temporary positions at the time of the survey or a more permanent decision by the graduate:

  • Bookseller
  • Finance Officer
  • Retail Assistant