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A presentation offers you the chance to get a fantastic insight into an organisation and the people working there. 

A presentation programme takes place in both Autumn and Spring.  The Autumn programme starts around the first week of October and finishes around the first week of December.  The Spring programme starts around the first week of February and finishes around the end of March / beginning of April.

In the academic year 2015/16, there were over 100 employer presentations held on campus, all offering students attending the opportunity to come along and meet the organisation's employees face to face.

Did you make the most of these invaluable opportunities?  If not, look at attending one soon and realise the power of face to face interaction.

To find a full list of the upcoming presentations on the Events and Opportunities Database you can:

  1. Log onto the system
  2. Click onto 'Events'
  3. Click onto 'Search & Book' 
  4. Select 'Event type' 
  5. Select 'Presentations'

Going through the above steps will then give you a list of all upcoming presentations.  You also have the option to 'Save this Search' using the link at the top of the left column. This will add it to your profile, meaning next time you log in, you only have to view your profile and click onto the saved search for it to refresh - what could be simpler?!