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Virtual Law Fair

Virtual Law Fair 2020

Virtual Law Fair 2020

2020 Virtual Law Fair is fair is taking place on 15th October 12pm-4pm.

How to attend: See some of the employers attending, how to register, and access the fair in our short guide.

Who is it for?

All students, interested in a legal career, you don't need to be studying law to attend! You can find out about:

  • Training contracts
  • Vacation Placements
  • Law Insight Days
  • Opportunities for non-law students

Why attend?

Whether you’re only just starting to think about your future and have an interest in law, or you've always wanted to pursue this option. You can establish valuable connections with a range of organisations by taking part in a drop-in or where available, booking an appointment. 

Further information:

Download the Career Fair + app (Google Play & App Store) for an up-to-date list of attending organisations, or visit the CF+ website for information about each employer and what they look for in a graduate.

If you have any questions, email