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Case Studies

Oktaco – Mohamed Nabha

Oktaco – Mohamed Nabha

OKTACO is a branding studio, focussed on forging creative collaborations with businesses to produce the most successful brand solutions that deliver powerful content to the people. Founded in 2018, OKTACO has been working with innovative companies and start-ups, in particular those that use smart technology such as artificial intelligence and digital manufacturing, to make an impact and create growth in their industry.

Being a part of the Spark Community has helped the company flourish to where it is today. Beginning with the Proof of Concept grant that helped with the initial creation of the business, to developing and growing through taking interns on board with the Leeds Internship Programme, to now, being within the Nexus Hub which has introduced us into a thriving business community. After graduating from the University of Leeds with a Masters in Advertising and Design, Spark helped me to apply for a Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa, allowing me to take the next step in turning my passions into a business.

Oktaco has employed a number of interns from the university and has recently taken on its first full time member of staff.