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Case Studies

The LOT Leeds - Ayah Alfawaris

The LOT Leeds - Ayah Alfawaris

Ayah Alfawaris founded The LoT, a digital Library of Things that uses AI, AR & Gamification to allow people to borrow and lend others random things for a small fee. People can borrow tents, drones, lawn mowers or even a drill from lenders within their neighbourhoods. This does not only save people money, but it gives them exposure to do more and all by lowering the carbon footprint and improving the total cost of ownership.

With a background of engineering and renewable energy and an interest in environmental responsibility, Ayah came to Leeds to pursue a MSc in Sustainability and Business. Having moved around the world, Ayah noticed how in some communities, like Leeds, consumerism levels are high, and people develop needs for owning products that would be used a few times a year.

Spark has been instrumental in the refinement and development of this idea through the entrepreneur exchange programmes, giving access to A-class experts and advisors in the field, and recently the professional business environment through the incubator at Nexus.

Ayah believes using Tech for Good is essential to help Leeds and the UK meet the 2050 Carbon Neutral targets. Using shared economy to create social and environmental impacts can transform markets whilst growing the economy.

The support we get from Spark team is invaluable and the shared office space allowed us to create a family of like-minded brilliant entrepreneurs with a vast set of skills and expertise. Partnerships between different Spark start-ups take place all the time in a relaxed and friendly environment.