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Vmock CV checking

Want a CV check? Vmock is our smart online CV-checking platform, so you can get CV feedback wherever you are. 

Link to Vmock

Need more help? You can follow-up with an online appointment booked via MyCareer

After uploading your document, Vmock will provide instant and personalised feedback with line-by-line suggestions.

The Vmock platform will provide you with:

  • Detailed feedback on your presentation and formatting so you can create a document that not only reads well but also looks professional.
  • Focused feedback on the quality of content and its impact on recruiters.
  • Assessment on how well you have reflected your five core competencies.
  • A score between 0-100.  Anything over 60 is a good score and you do not need to try and get this to 100.

Please note that you are limited to 10 submissions through VMock per academic year. If you are struggling to get over 60 on VMock after a few attempts and having made the suggested changes, please talk to us!

Please note that we can only check CVs that have been tailored for specific opportunities through our appointments.  If you would like some general CV feedback, please use VMock.

To get started, sign up here.

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