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Creative CVs

Creative CVs

Creative CVs

If you are applying for a role in the creative industries – advertising, the media, multi-media, graphics, publishing, etc. – the presentation of your CV is important but not more important than its content!

Recruiters need to be able to see, at a glance, that you have the criteria they are looking for. Presentation must be balanced with the essential requirement of providing relevant evidence targeted to the role and the employer.

Start by writing a standard CV, either traditional or skills based, depending on the role. When you have this information refined, then you can focus on the design and presentation. These, too, should feature elements and skills relevant to the role and the employer.

Most employers will assess your creativity through your portfolio, often at interview stage. What they are looking for in your CV are details of your work experience, technical skills, education, etc. However, if practical, you can put elements of your portfolio onto a website and include the web address in your CV. If you do this, make sure your work is structured and indexed, well photographed and highlights the range of your work which is relevant to the role.


  • Use the information on Traditional CVs and Skills-based CVs to target your content to provide evidence for the criteria required.
  • Demonstrate your employability skills, and your enthusiasm for the role, through your work history, academic studies, voluntary work, extra-curricular activities, etc.
  • Design is subjective. What impresses one employer, could ‘turn off’ another. Do some research. Check out an employer’s website and advertising so you can get an idea of their style and creative focus.
  • Presentation is essential but, importantly, your CV must be easily accessible, readable and able to be filed and photocopied. Avoid gimmicks.
The book Creative CV Guide has further ideas on how to produce a distinctive CV and gives lots of examples chosen by industry professionals. If you need some more inspiration you might also want to look at these examples chosen by Business Insider or look at this slide show that shows you how to combine your CV content with your portfolio, online presence and personality.