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CVs: Employer perspectives

CVs: Employer perspectives

CVs: Employer perspectives

Importance of accuracy

Highly important is spelling and grammar. Always put a circle around any spelling and grammar mistakes. One mistake is acceptable – after all, we are all human. But when there are two mistakes, it becomes a bit of a worry. Three mistakes and your job application will automatically be filed in the not suitable pile. The reason for this is that you have not taken the time and trouble to make sure there are no errors on your application form and this would lead me to question your commitment and even your ability to perform the job you are applying for.


Bullet points and short paragraphs are good. Lengthy prose is not. Accuracy is critical


Attention to detail – make sure you spell the company name correctly! Ensure you answer the question being asked and don’t just plagiarise from the web.

Standard Chartered

Importance of research

Complete your research before applying. This could be reviewing information on websites, to meeting up with company representatives at employer events. The more structured research you do before applying, will mean you’ll complete the application, and selection process, a lot more confidently.


Ensure that you have fully researched both the company and our competitors, as well as the role you are applying for.


Do your research! We will expect you to be able to talk coherently and confidently about PwC, the position you're applying for, the business world in general and yourself. The more you know about these things, the more prepared you'll be - so you'll have to get researching.


Importance of tailoring the application

Don’t take a scatter-gun approach and fire off your CVs without tailoring them specifically to the role and the business, you’d be wasting your time and theirs.


Know about the kind of work we do and deals we’ve been involved in. Show us why you want a career in banking and with us specifically.

Standard Chartered


Avoid generalisations and unsupported statements. Ensure you back up your claims. Don’t say you are experienced without listing experience, a team worker with no evidence of team working, or accomplished and results driven with no proof of achievements. Make a list of what you have been involved with and achieved and go from there, only detail things you can back up confidently in an interview or you’ll fail at the second hurdle.

Graduate Recruitment Bureau

Personality – standing out from the crowd

Be yourself.  Don’t just download a CV template which includes lots of buzz words and phrases you wouldn’t normally use.

Cold Drawn Products

The often received ‘Please find attached my CV’ email doesn’t impress. Making the effort to tell us more about yourself than we can glean from your CV alone will give you a far greater chance of making the interview stage.

Harrison Goddard Foote

Employer's Tips

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