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CVs and Cover Letters

CVs and Cover Letters

CVs and Cover Letters

CVs and Cover Letters are the first impression you give to a potential employer. They detail experience, range of skills and suitability for a specific role. Whether the application is speculative or for a specific vacancy, you need to present yourself in the most positive way.

A targeted CV

It is crucial that your CV is targeted to the role.  In other words, you need a different CV for each role you apply for. However, there are some elements that all CVs should include and these are outlined in the different types of CV.

What is in this Section

Our webpages are full of expert information on writing CVs and Covering Letters. There is information on the types of CV, what to include and how to lay it out. We also explain what you should include in a covering letter.

To help you create that perfect CV for the job we give you the Employer's Perspective on what you should and should not include.

We have a bank of downloadable example CVs that illustrate a variety of styles and positions.

How we can help you

We offer lots of support to help you write the best CV and covering letters including: