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Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests

What should you expect?

Online tests are a common part of many application processes. These may be ability tests e.g. numerical, verbal and inductive, or they may be testing a candidate's ‘fit’ to the company by assessing motivation, values and behaviours. There is a move towards ‘gamification’, which may take the form of interactive visual scenarios or platform games.

How can you prepare?

It is a good idea to practise so that you know what to expect. You can access a range of practice tests through our subscription to Graduates First, as well as accessing many free practise tests via sites listed in the 'Additional practise tests' section below. 

Graduates First©  

Practice common ability tests (e.g. verbal, numerical, logical reasoning), situational judgement, example assessment centre exercises, practice video interview, selection games and more.

To use this site you will need to register here with your University of Leeds email address but don't use your university password. If you have graduated and no longer have a Leeds e-mail address, please e-mail us  with your name, course, graduation year, and the subject heading 'Graduates First access' 

Personality tests

You cannot prepare for a personality test. Remember that there are no right or wrong answers. The test should be seen as a two-way process to determine whether or not you would be happy there; you are getting a feel for the organisation as much as they are for you.

You can access a Workstyle Personality questionnaire (WPQ) personality test through our Graduates First subscription, above. Alternatively, you can find many free tests online, for example 16 Personalities.

Find out more

There are numerous other sites with advice, such as:

Additional practise test sites

The following sites all provide some free practice tests. Some also offer additional practise or services for a charge. 

  • Assessment Day © - Free practise aptitude, situational judgement and personality tests available.
  • Test Partnership© - Free practise aptitude, situational judgement and personality tests available.
  • Practise Aptitude Tests © Provides a range of free aptitude and ability tests. 
  • Saville Consulting - Practise and prepare for a range of aptitude tests.
  • EU Careers - Sample tests including verbal and numerical reasoning tests, e-trays, group exercises and translation examples.

Help from the Careers Centre

Our website lists ebooks you can download if you want to practise a range of different questions. In addition to the online tests above, we have also collected a range of example tests for you to try so there are many ways to prepare even when you are away from campus.

We also offer psychometric test workshops. Check MyCareer events for further details.