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ERASMUS programme

Case Studies

ERASMUS Work - what students say...

Here are the thoughts of several ERASMUS Work Placement students from the University of Leeds, concerning their year on work placement in Europe.

Erasmus+ work placement students

Paige (BA Fashion Design (Ind))

ERASMUS+ Work Placement Student 2016-2017 
Worked for Calvin Klein in the Netherlands

For my work placement, I work as a menswear design intern at Calvin Klein in Amsterdam. Before university, I took a year out travelling which made me eager to move away again and get a placement abroad. Before getting the internship, I’d never been to Amsterdam and wasn't sure what to expect working here. However, I absolutely love it and would 100% recommend any student to work here!.. (read more)

Chloe (MNatSc Natural Sciences (Ind))

ERASMUS+ Work Placement Student 2016-2017 
Worked for Sealed Air, Diversey Care in the Netherlands

At the time of writing, I am currently approaching halfway through my Industrial Placement year in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I work as a chemistry intern in the R&D department for Sealed Air, Diversey Care; a global company who produce industrial cleaning solutions. Before I moved here, I knew very little about the Netherlands and this is my first experience of living abroad.. (read more)

Bella (BA Graphic & Communication Design (Ind))

ERASMUS+ Work Placement Student 2016-2017 
Worked for Barcelona Metropolitan Magazine in Spain

I always knew that I wanted to take an Erasmus+ year in Barcelona, before my application to Leeds had even been accepted. This was because of a previous visit to the place, its reputation for design, and, admittedly, skateboarding. Thus it was easier in that regard when looking for jobs, and thankfully I found a great internship at Barcelona Metropolitan Magazine.. (read more)

Jana (BSc Biochemistry (Ind))

ERASMUS+ Work Placement Student 2016-2017 
Worked for UCB Biopharma in Belgium

Already being an international student in Leeds and having lived in various countries throughout my life I was very enticed by the internship at UCB BioPharma when I saw they are based in Belgium. The project itself seemed interesting, UCB itself is a well renowned pharmaceutical company, but mostly I was drawn to the idea of moving to Brussels, as a sort of break away from university.. (read more)

Anna (BA German & International Relations)

ERASMUS+ Work Placement Student 2016-2017 
Worked for Toptranslation, Germany

Despite having little to no interest in translation or being a translator, I chose to take on a twelve-month placement at a translation agency in Hamburg for my year abroad. The city was the great attraction for me and this placement was the only way for me to guarantee my place there. (read more)

Alisha (BSc Biological Sciences (Ind))

ERASMUS+ Work Placement Student 2016-2017 
Worked for UCB Biopharma in Belgium

For my year in industry, I decided to go to Belgium to work at UCB Biopharma in Braine L’Alleud (near Brussels). Here I worked in the investigative toxicology department on a project involving drug induced cardiac injury. My activities varied on a day-to-day basis from undertaking experiments in the lab, to analyzing data and compiling literature reviews in the office. (read more)

Rebecca (BA German & History)

ERASMUS+ Work Placement Student 2016-2017 
British Council language assistant in Germany

I have been really excited about my year abroad since I came to a Leeds Loves Languages day in 2013, when I was doing my A-Levels. This was the first time I became aware about the possibilities that doing a language at University level could offer me. And if I were to rate the experience as a whole, right now I would definitely say that the experience has not disappointed. (read more)

Louise (BA Management & Spanish)

ERASMUS+ Work Placement Student 2016-2017 
Worked for Unitrips in Spain

I study Management and Spanish, so for my Year Abroad in Spain I knew from the start I wanted to do a work placement, to best combine the 2 aspects of my degree. I applied anywhere and everywhere; 35 emails, 15 responses and 2 interviews later, I accepted an internship at Unitrips, a small digital travel agency in the heart of Madrid... (read more)

Robyn (BA History(Ind))

ERASMUS+ Work Placement Student 2016-2017 
Worked for King's College in Spain

I’m not going to lie, I knew I wanted to go on placement somewhere abroad, and that was about it. I wasn’t too concerned about what job I was doing or how it would benefit my career path - I just wanted to go and have a great year, somewhere new- so when I got an offer, all it took was the word ‘Madrid’ and I was in.... (read more)

Frazer (BA Graphic & Communication Design (Ind))

ERASMUS+ Work Placement Student 2015-2016 
Worked for Momkai in Amsterdam

On my course, we have the option to do either a Year in Industry or Study Abroad before our final year of the course. During my Year in Industry I decided to spend 7 months in the digital agency, Momkai, out in more

Amy (BA Sociology & Social Policy (Ind))

ERASMUS Work Placement Student 2013-2014 
Worked for a Kindergarten in Finland

I am spending my 3rd year working in a Kindergarten in Finland and so far it has been an amazing, unique and valuable experience. I had always wanted to do a year abroad either studying or working, but unfortunately, most opportunities were not viable to me due to more

Charlotte (BSc Nutrition (Ind))

ERASMUS Work Placement Student 2013-2014 
Worked for Kraft Foods in Germany

I spent my third year in Munich, Germany, in Mondelez International in the Regulatory department for chocolate. When I got my acceptance, I was really happy, looking forward to learn about the food industry, chocolate, and about how it is to have a full-time job. And after the rather chaotic life I had lead in second year, I was looking forward to dealing with professional people and doing a real job and being paid for it. In this respect, my expectations were definitely more

Jo (BA English Language (Workplace))

ERASMUS Work Placement Student 2013-2014 
Worked for Bombardier Transportation in Germany

For my Erasmus Work Placement year, I had already decided that I wanted to go to Berlin even before I started at Leeds! This was my main priority, with the placement being secondary, so I think I was very lucky in getting a fantastic internship at Bombardier Transportation, which has its headquarters in more

Catherine (BA Communications (Ind))

ERASMUS Work Placement Student 2013-2014 
Worked for Airbus SAS in France

When I first heard about the Airbus internship scheme, I knew instantaneously that this was something I wanted to apply for. Having previously researched the “year in industry” CSER8000 module, I knew that the Airbus internship scheme would align perfectly. In addition, as Airbus is a multi-national company, it offers internship opportunities across Europe (Spain, Germany, France, UK) more

Nish (BA Economics & French)

ERASMUS Work Placement Student 2013-2014 
British Council language assistant in French Guiana

The ERASMUS programme has provided me with the perfect opportunity to develop on both a personal and social level. By working in a foreign educational institution in French Guiana, South America; I have encountered a vast variety of challenges and situations which studies at a university simply cannot prepare you for. I got my job as a English Language Assistant through the British Council and have managed to meet a range of people from all over the world with assistants coming from Brazil, Spain and Holland to name a more

Annabel (BA Economics & Spanish)

ERASMUS Work Placement Student 2013-2014 
Worked for Tetrapak, Madrid

Finding a work placement for my year abroad in crisis-stricken Spain was not an easy endeavour. At the time, Spain's unemployment rates were at an all-time high so finding a company that was willing to take on a foreign student for a year was a bit of a task. However, I pulled out all the stops; personal contacts, university resources, jobs websites and general asking around, and finally managed to secure a 9 month placement with Tetra Pak, a multinational packaging company, at their office in more

Katrina (BA French)

ERASMUS Work Placement Student 2013-2014 
Worked for Green Seed France, Paris, France

Moving abroad has definitely been one of the biggest challenges I’ve had to face so far.  That said, I have learned more than I ever could have imagined during these past 7 months of my life.  Adapting to a new country, culture and routine, my French has undoubtedly improved and in dealing with new challenges, experiences and people every day, I have grown in confidence.  It’s a home away from home and I couldn’t be happier with how this extremely fast paced year is more

Sophie (BA French & History)

ERASMUS Work Placement Student 2013-2014 
British Council language assistant in France

I'm not going to lie. I really applied to be an Erasmus Language Assistant, instead of studying in a French uni or finding a work placement, because you work 12 hours a week, make money, have plenty of time to travel around, and because I hadn't done anything like this before. I had worked with children but I was never one of those 'I absolutely love kids, they're the future' type of people. And I had never, ever thought of becoming a teacher. I thought it would be a great break from uni, and an amazing chance to live in France, meet people, and just have a good time. I was delighted when I was told I'd be a Language Assistant in primary schools around Toulouse, because in primary, you sing songs, play games, the kids are pretty cute... and I'd be in the south west of France for nearly a year. Parfait! more