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Internships and placements

Internships and placements

Fixed term opportunities for mutual benefit

Engaging with students through work experience provides organisations with a great opportunity to access talented, enthusiastic individuals who can bring additional skills and expertise or additional capacity to a project. 

Do you have a project you don’t have time to complete? Do you feel you need to develop a particular area of the business but you’re not sure it needs a permanent member of staff at the moment? Then offering work experience may be the ideal solution.

Opportunities can be of any duration, but need to fit in with the academic year and work round student’s academic commitments. 

Options to engage with University of Leeds students include:

  • 12 month placement – this is an option which is available to students on most courses, placements usually start between June and September. Check out what some of our students said about their placements.
  • Leeds Internship Programme – is managed by the Careers Centre and offers local organisations the opportunity to offer 8-12 week paid projects to 1st and 2nd year undergraduates in the summer and recent graduates in the winter. We help you to develop a project description and then advertise the project for you. We have some subsidies available to support these internships. 
  • Internships and vacation opportunities – these can be offered during any university holiday and provide companies with an opportunity to get additional support throughout the year or for a concentrated period of time.
  • Shorter course related placement – some students choose to undertake modules which require them to undertake a work placement on a part time basis e.g. for one day a week for a term or more –giving you the opportunity to get ongoing support with a project.
  • We encourage employers to pay students and graduates in any situation where they are considered ‘workers’, and only advertise opportunities which adhere to the AGCAS Guidelines on Work Experience and Minimum Wage.

Benefits for employers in offering work experience:

  • Allows you to access specialist skills.
  • Provides an extra resource, new ideas and enthusiasm.
  • Enables you to assess whether there is a need for a role on a longer-term basis.
  • The placement student/graduate could become a future full-time employee.
  • When a student undertakes a placement as part of their course, we run sessions to prepare them for their placement and provide ongoing support to both parties.

Benefits for students:

  • Develop transferable skills. 
  • Gain valuable work experience that enhances their future employability.
  • An opportunity to apply the theory they have learn at university to practical situations.
  • Experience an industry and its culture.
  • An opportunity to network and develop contacts.

If you are interested in offering a placement or internship, please e-mail us at:

If you already have a placement to advertise, you can submit it online here: Placement Submission