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Make yourself employable

Advice from Employers

by the Careers Centre

Employers talk about what they are looking for during their organisation’s recruitment process. From graduate attributes to tips for succeeding at assessment centres, find out how to stand out and make yourself highly employable.

Make yourself employable

Making yourself employable is about much more than just getting a degree. 

You need to understand the skills, qualities and qualifications that employers are looking for and then maximise your time at university so that you can gain these attributes.

In this section

  • What is employability?
  • What are the main skills and qualities that employers look for?
  • How can you gain employability skills?
  • Putting your skills in context.
  • Evaluating your skills.

How we can help you

  • We run a drop-in session at the Careers Centre. We can help you evaluate your skills and make plans to improve existing skills or gain new ones.
  • We organise events to help you improve your employability and articulate the skills you have in applications and interviews.