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Employability skills

Planning & organisational

What are planning and organisational skills?

The ability to identify and set objectives, manage and prioritise your workload and other resources. Monitor performance against objectives, anticipating and putting steps in place to mitigate potential issues/ problems.

Why employers want them

In a word, efficiency! Having employees who are well organised and able to plan and manage their own time and resources, as well as other resources, reduces the need for micro-managing.  It helps in providing customers or clients with realistic time-frames, delivering on projects as promised and ensuring that work is carried out as efficiently as possible and that all relevant people are involved.

Examples of how planning and organisational skills can be developed or evidenced

  • Managing and prioritising your personal workload (time-management).
  • Organising social, sporting or charity events.
  • Arranging travel itineraries.
  • Organising work experience or placements.
  • Event management experience (e.g. customer liaison, co-ordination of bookings, organising equipment, planning advertising and working to deadlines).
  • Planning university projects (e.g. dissertation or final year project).
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