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Employability skills

Decision making

What are decision making skills?

The ability to identify and clarify problems, seek alternatives, apply knowledge and experience, evaluate options and arrive at an appropriate and timely solution.

There are many different approaches to decision-making; you may have a preferred approach or wish to explore alternative approaches. Whichever the case, it is worth further investigation and Mindtools has some good, straightforward decision-making resources to help you explore this further. 

Why do employers want decision-making skills?

Decision making is an important skill in any job role and at any level. Making the best decisions helps efficiency, organisational growth and development and ultimately, the success of the organisation as a whole.

Employers are likely to be interested in the process or approaches you use to make decisions, so spend some time reflecting on some decisions - both important and minor - that you have made and consider how you made your choice. 

Examples of how decision-making skills can be developed or evidenced

  • Choosing what - and where - to study at university.
  • Selecting electives in your course.
  • Deciding between different housing options.
  • Deciding which extra-curricular activities to get involved with.
  • Choosing between options during holidays - e.g. work or travel.
  • Deciding on the most appropriate course of action to resolve a problem or achieve an objective in the workplace.