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Staying #InLeeds

#InLeeds - helping students find work in Leeds

#InLeeds - helping students find work in Leeds

Thinking about staying in Leeds even after graduation? We don't blame you! There's loads of graduate opportunities here and it's an amazing city to live and work in, not just study.

The #InLeeds project runs every year and aims to help students to learn more about what sort of sectors, businesses and specific roles they might end up working in Leeds.

#InLeeds 2020 - Digital 

The theme for #InLeeds 2020 is digital - so we're highlighting opportunities to work in digital careers, which may be easier than you might think!

What are digital careers?

As the working world becomes more and more online, digital skills have never been more in demand and useful. But what are digital skills? It can be anything from using devices and handling information and marketing communicating, to cyber security and web design.

Don’t worry about not having a specific degree – many roles are open to graduates from any discipline, and indeed lots of companies offer training.

Why stay in Leeds for a digital career?

Leeds has transformed into a major northern digital hub and that makes it an exciting place to work. It has just as much going on as London with a better work-life balance. There's a very healthy digital and creative sector here, with reasonably strong connections to bigger cities in the UK.

Plus, with Channel 4’s recent move to Leeds, the city will only continue to grow. Aside from the many job opportunities, there’s a really friendly graduate environment all across the city. Prices are relatively cheap for a large city and it’s a vibrant, energised place to live in overall.

#InLeeds 2020

Our ambassadors have been hands-on working with several companies, check out our blog posts and video content below. 

Working with FDM

Video: #InLeeds presents: FDM company ambassador

Blog post: Be open-minded to a tech career with FDM

Working with Daisy

Video: #InLeeds presents: Daisy Corporate Services ambassador

Blog post: Transitioning to a tech career with Daisy Corporate Services

Working with Sky Betting & Gaming

Video: #InLeeds Presents: Sky Betting and Gaming Ambassador

Blog post: Transitioning to a digital career with Sky Betting and Gaming

Working with Enjoy

Video: #InLeeds presents: Enjoy Digital company ambassadors 

Blog post: From Depop to Digital Marketing at Enjoy Digital

Working with PWC

Video: #InLeeds presents: PwC - Mihika's journey

Blog post: Let your career tech off with PwC

 Finding work in Leeds 

We have listed some good vacancy sources below, but remember that advertised vacancies only account for a small proportion of the jobs market. Use a variety of approaches in your job search for greater success. Check out our pages on networking, social networking and speculative applications for some tips and ideas for a more proactive job search.

  • Our vacancy database - We work closely with many local and regional employers to help promote their vacancies
  • Leeds Internship Programme - We work with local employers and departments within the university to develop paid internships for students and graduates. These are usually advertised around April each year on our vacancy database
  • Yorkshire Graduates - Regional graduate recruitment service working with many local and regional employers, particularly SMEs

Major employment sectors in Leeds

Developing an understanding of the local economy will help you identify potential opportunities and increase your chances of success. Below are links to information on the Locate in Leeds website about the major employment sectors in the region.  

Bear in mind that business in any sector will need staff for a wide range of roles; for example, a law firm will need HR, IT, marketing, and many other professionals, not just legal professionals. 

West and North Yorkshire Chamber produce a Quarterly economic survey: this can give you an idea of opportunities that may become available from business sectors that are performing strongly and from new investment in the region.  

Whilst Locate in Leeds and Leeds Chamber are both aimed at businesses, they provide useful information, such as searchable directories of member organisations, local events and more, which will help your research and give you a good knowledge of the local economy.