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Graduate destination survey

The Destinations for Leavers of Higher Education (DLHE) survey, formerly the "First Destination Survey" is conducted in two phases which broadly equate to six months after graduation. Students who graduated between August and December are contacted from April to June and all others are surveyed between December and March. Survey data is submitted to HESA at the end of March and this must satisfy their data quality checks by early May.

The survey population itself is defined by HESA and every institution is expected to return data on at least 80% of those graduates. For the University of Leeds the survey population is typically between 10,000 and 11,000 including overseas graduates. 

During the survey phases staff at the Careers Centre use a variety of methods to contact graduates - telephone, post and email - and follow up all who have not replied several times, if necessary.  

Once the data is complete staff at the Careers Centre run a series of reports against university data to subdivide the information into faculties and schools.

To view this year's DLHE data for a given faculty, please click on a link in the left-hand menu.

The DLHE survey is a compulsory requirement for all Universities, carried out annually. HESA sets the timescales and criteria for the survey every year. Each HE institution collects their own graduates' data and submits it to HESA who then compile the information and publish the overall figures.

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The overall DHLE data, broken down into each faculty including example careers and employers.