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The European and global job market

The global job market

The global graduate job market

The global job market is much more difficult to predict and there are wide variations from country to country. To find out more about the countries that you are considering you could check out Prospects or Goinglobal.

Another way of finding out about the labour market of another country is to do some research into their Visa requirements. Many countries use a points based system and employer sponsorship schemes; this means they are likely to give some guidance on where job shortages or job growth is likely to occur. The good news is that many countries are looking for highly skilled and highly qualified people, which makes graduates their key target market.

A popular method for breaking into the global job market is still to find a graduate position with a multi-national company and make it clear that you have ambitions to experience different cultures and countries. To stand out from the crowd you must work on global skills such as a range of communication skills, interpersonal skills, equality and diversity awareness and teamwork.

There are a few global trends and it is expected that growth will continue in the following industry sectors:
  • I.T and Communication
  • Accountancy and Professional services
  • Business services and consultancy
  • Engineering
  • Science
  • Health and Social care

There is also likely to be decline in the following industry sectors:
  • Defence
  • Mining
  • Fossil fuel extraction
  • Low skilled manufacturing

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