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Your options

Your Options

Your Options

If you are thinking of taking time out there are lots of options that you could consider. The most important thing is to plan ahead and be clear what you want to gain from the experience.

Here are a few options you might consider: 

Paid Work

This could include taking paid work in the UK to enhance your skills or fund time for travelling or volunteering. You may also want to consider a graduate internship to give you insight into a specific role. If you are considering going overseas check out our pages on working abroad for useful information and advice. 

Voluntary Work

Voluntary work can be great experience to put on your CV. Employers look for people with passion and drive, and this can definitely be evidenced through volunteering. It can also help you develop a network within the industry you are interested in, or even lead to a paid job. You can find your own voluntary work by approaching charities or not-for-profit organisations, or use gap year organisations to set you up on a structured project. 


This could be as part of an organised expedition or it could be your own independent route. Whichever you choose you should plan carefully to ensure you make the best of your time abroad. Consider whether you want to travel alone or with someone else? Can you fund your trip before you set off or will you need to work whilst you travel?  Check out the wide range of resources in our information room for more details.

Learning/ Studying

This is a good way to gain some new and unique qualifications that are independent to your degree and current achievements.