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Employers perspective

Employers perspective

Employers perspective

Taking time out has become increasingly common in recent years, which is great news for adventurous students...but tales of wandering across the Sahara, or sailing in Antarctica no longer put graduates automatically ahead in the job market!

Potential employers are only impressed by your time out if you can show that you have made the best of your time by developing your skills.

When applying for jobs upon your return, present your experiences positively and constructively. Explain what you did, with the emphasis on the positive contributions you made. State what you learnt from the experience. Show how you benefited personally and highlight the skills you will be able to bring your employer.

This is what they say:

Most employers are sympathetic to people who defer entry to the labour market. Look what happened to J.K.Rowling who began writing Harry Potter while teaching English in Portugal.

Susan Griffith "Work Your Way Around the World"

If you don't have much work experience, a gap year can be a great way to address this.

Paul Siaens, Infosys Technologies

At Teach First we recognise the value of taking a 'year out'. By doing this a person has the potential to put themselves ahead of everyone else

Teach First

From an employer's perspective, HBOS is keen to encourage graduates to apply from all walks of life, and the more experience of work and life in general the better. People in general have a more flexible attitude to work and HBOS policies reflect this. You can have a career break and return to work after a period of years if that's what you really want to do.

Andy Jenkins, Halifax Bank

We are happy to receive applications from those who have, or are planning to take, a gap year. We look to the applicant to have filled their year productively and it to have been of some benefit to them, be it travelling around the world, or working to fund further studies.

Jessica Adams, Addleshaw Goddard.