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Work experience

Work experience

It is time to think about getting some work experience.

"In today’s competitive graduate recruitment market, work experience schemes have become an integral part of recruiting new graduates. Students applying for paid placements during their first or second year at university are selected through a very similar recruitment process to that used to recruit graduates. This means that once a placement has been successfully completed, recruiters are able to offer students a graduate position, often a full year before they are due to leave university and several months ahead of employers who recruit graduates during their final year of study."

2020 High Fliers' Survey (The Graduate Market, 2020)

Your university degree and extra-curricular activities will help equip you with some fantastic skills for employment after you graduate, but more and more employers are looking for proven skills through work experience.

In this section

This section of the site gives you great advice and information on work experience including:

  • Your options
  • How to find work experience
  • Case studies of what other students have done
  • Placements abroad
  • Support when you are on work experience

How we can help you

Every year we help hundreds of students get crucial work experience to improve their employability. We do this by:

  • Running a drop in service to help students decide what work experience is best for them and how to go about applying.
  • Running a CSER8000 module for students who want to do a year’s industrial placement as part of their course but it is not offered on their degree.
  • Sourcing exclusive internships for University of Leeds students advertised on our exclusive vacancy website.
  • Administering the ERASMUS scheme for students looking to undertake work experience placements abroad.