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Your options

Your options

Your options

There are many work experience opportunities available to you, including:

Intergrate your experience into your studies. Turn a 3 year undergraduate degree programme into a 4 year course by adding a year in industry.  Your degree programme will change to recognise your additional achievement and, upon graduation, your degree certificate will reflect this.

Use your university holiday time to gain insights into industries and employers by spending some time in their offices on insight days or undertake a vacation internship and get hands on experience. 

If you're planning on spending the summer in Leeds or West Yorkshire then find out more about our exclusive internship scheme, the Leeds Internship Programme.

  • Placements in Europe - ERASMUS (student) & Leonardo (graduate) Programmes

Why not combine travel and work? The Erasmus and Leonardo Programmes provide funding to support student and graduate mobility throughout Europe.

  • Self-created experience and work shadowing

If you limit your search to advertised opportunities, you will automatically be facing a great deal of competition. Approaching companies which interest you directly can be a great way of demonstrating your enthusiasm and initiative. A few well-researched and planned enquiries will lead to greater success than large numbers of 'stabs in the dark'. See our page on speculative applications for tips and advice to help you succeed.

  • Leeds for Life

Offers hundreds of development and co-curricular opportunities throughout the year. You can search for opportunities related to your school or broader opportunities throughout the university.  If you have an idea for a project, you may be eligible to apply for a cash grant from the Leeds for Life Foundation to help make it happen. Check out Leeds for Life website now.

  • Part-time, vacation or temporary work

  • Part-time work - Many students now work part-time during term-time. The Union's Joblink service advertises hundreds of opportunities suitable for students throughout the year
  • Vacation work - University holidays provide a great opportunity to develop useful skills and experience whilst also earning some cash. Short-term or temporary contracts are often available over the summer months or to help out at busy times of the year
  • As a graduate,  temporary work can be a great way to get a foot on the ladder, develop transferable skills and experience whilst looking for something more permanent
  • Volunteering

Volunteering is a fantastic way to develop skills, experience, meet new people and help others. Local opportunities are promoted both through Leeds for Life and Doing Good Leeds. National opportunities are advertised through

  • Unpaid experience

Is something many students find themselves considering. If it is a genuine work experience opportunity, this is fine. However, if you are classed as a worker, you are entitled to be paid (with a few specific exceptions).  If you are considering unpaid experience, it is important that you know your rights and what you are entitled to. See our page unpaid experience for further information.