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Case studies

Marketing Communications Assistant

Marketing Communications Assistant

"I think those that put the most effort in to their work really come away with so much more experience, so if you do get a placement, make sure you are ready to try and make the most of it!"

Fiona Gildea

BA (Hons) History
The University of Leeds Press and Communications office, Marketing Communications Assistant (Intern) 

Fiona saw a year in industry as a brilliant opportunity to find out more about an area she wanted to work in, to see what it was like on a day to day basis and to gain invaluable work place experience. Working for a full year has given her so much more to talk about on her CV and in interviews as she has seen projects through to an end.  She feels being able to graduate already having a full year of work experience has put her in a really strong position and made her more positive about her options when she finishes University. 

Fiona has been involved with a wide range of marketing activities, from helping out at photo shoots, to organising events and managing social media output.  She has learnt a lot about the theory of marketing and communications, as well as real practical work place skills and managing her own time and work load, which has built up over the time on placement. Fiona has learnt to deal with pressure, deadlines and obstacles in the workplace and boosted her self-confidence. 

Fiona has found it really good to take a break from the routine of studying for a year as this time away from the library and essays has left her feeling excited to go back to studying, and more able to cope with the pressure of her final year.