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Case studies

Intern, BBC UN Bureau

Intern, BBC UN Bureau

"There is very much a feeling at the end of it that if you are able to come through it successfully, then you can take on anything. It will give you great confidence to believe that you can achieve success once you graduate."

 Hugh Stirling

BA (Hons) English Literature
BBC UN Bureau, New York

Hugh chose to undertake a year in industry as it offered time away from the routine of exams and essays and a chance to see what life would be like after graduating. He saw it as a chance to build his CV and get crucial professional experience whilst still having the security and support of the university structure. Also, with fierce competition for graduate jobs, it seemed sensible to Hugh to do the work experience that he would have to do anyway once he graduated, whilst still receiving financial support as a student.

The placement, with the BBC, was set up though personal networks entailing lengthy email correspondence between Hugh and the Supervisor to organise the placement. Whilst working with the BBC Hugh developed the skills of working under pressure, and meeting deadlines. He had to ensure that the work he produced was high quality, consistent and on time and adjusting to this level of pressure that he had not experienced before did take time.

One of the highlights of Hugh’s placement was within days of arriving in the United States to work with the BBC, he was helping out on the coverage of the tenth anniversary of September 11th, from Ground Zero working alongside talented journalists, crew and producers.