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Case studies

Psychology - multiple placements

"This experience taught me what being a clinical psychologist actually involves - something unique when applying for jobs."

Jenna King

BSc Psychology (Hons) 
Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust, Psychological Therapies Department - Assistant Psychologist

My experience whilst on the Year in Industry was excellent.  I initially sent many speculative application forms to various NHS sites in both Leeds and Manchester, explaining that I wished for a placement in adult clinical psychology and attached my CV (which was completed after a drop in session at the Careers Centre). From this, I obtained an interview at the Psychological Therapies Department as part of Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust within the Secondary Care Adult Psychology Service.

From this I then attended a mock interview at the Careers Centre which was brilliant and really made me feel prepared! I then received confirmation that I had obtained my first placement; as an Assistant Psychologist.  In this role I was able to apply the knowledge I had learnt thus far, during my degree, to service users with a range of psychological disorders such as GAD, PTSD, depression and psychosis.  I was regularly supervised by a clinical psychologist and had my very own clients!

Antara Psychiatric Hospital, India - Volunteer

This led to my second placement, volunteering at a psychiatric hospital in India.  I was involved in the dispensary unit (I learnt how to write out prescriptions in Bengali!) and also assisted the psychiatrist.  The clients here had rather severe psychosis related issues and it was useful to make a direct comparison to mental health care in India and in the UK.

University of Manchester - Research Assistant

I also had the opportunity to work as a Research Assistant at the University of Manchester, specifically on the HIEC 'Getting to Know Me' project and my name appears in the manual from trainer's credentials!

This experience taught what being a clinical psychologist actually involves - something unique when applying for jobs.  The Careers Centre, and in particular the support I got from my placement tutor, was unbelievable and by believing in my personal skills and challenging me to do more I now have a much better CV and lots more work experience!

It also allowed me to recognise my long-term professional goals and I now know the exact stages involved to get there - it's now just a case of finishing my degree and getting out there!