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Leeds Internship Programme

Employer Top Tips

Top Tips from our Leeds Internship employers


Think about what’s on your CV

"Candidates need to think about the appropriateness of work experience, for example leading bar crawls isn't appropriate"

Put time and effort into your application

"Several applications were excellent, but those of lesser quality were greater in number"

Spell-check and proof-read your application

"Some applications were quite poor; bad spelling and grammar and not well set out, which didn't give a good impression"

Get your application checked

67% of students who were shortlisted for internships in 2013 used our services prior to applying.


Think about your career objectives

"Find out more about the work profile and see if it fits in with your short/long term goals"

Research the company and the role

"Our interviewees hadn't all prepared well for who we were and what we did, although the applicant that we took on was excellent and had prepared very well. One had completely misunderstood what we wanted from the role and struggled to understand even when we explained"

Dress to impress

"One guy turned up in shorts which didn't go down too well!"

Be eager and enthusiastic

"With an internship we expect applicants to have little to no experience so best advice is just to express willingness to learn, ambition etc."


74% of students who secured an internship in 2013 attended a mock interview