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LinkedIn Learning Courses

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is on an online learning platform providing 15,000 self-paced learning courses covering a diverse range of topics. 

All current students and staff at the University of Leeds have free access via the University's subscription. 

The links below take you to the single sign on access point for LinkedIn Learning. We recommend that you activate your LinkedIn Learning account before clicking through to the collections below. 

Feedback: as these recommendations are new, please help us improve by providing feedback or suggestions for other topics you would like use to include. 

Graduate Access to LinkedIn Learning 

If you're a graduate member of the Class of 2020 you now have access to LinkedIn Learning until the end of the year. To access this as a graduate, fill in a brief registration form on MyCareer and you'll receive an email from LinkedIn Learning inviting you to join the platform within five working days. You'll need to register as a graduate on MyCareer if you haven't done so already. 

If you're a graduate from before 2020, please email Tom Davies.

Our curated collections 

Career success fundamentals: Self awareness

Understanding yourself; your strengths, values, interests and motivations, is a key component of successful career management. This collection brings together a few courses to help you get started that you can continue to use throughout your career. 

Career success fundamentals: Talk to people

Talking to people (aka networking) is one of the most useful things you can do to take control of your career. This collection includes some great tips and practical steps you can take to make it work for you, whether the idea is something you dread or an area you already feel confident in.

CVs, cover letters & LinkedIn 

This collection includes courses and videos on CV writing, cover letters and tips for students and graduates on getting the most out of LinkedIn, including how to create a strong LinkedIn profile. There is also lots of advice on these topics over in our CVs, applications and interviews section

Interviews, presentations & assessment centre skills

A collection of courses and videos curated to help you excel in interviews, develop and deliver strong and engaging presentation skills and improve your team-working skills. Group exercises often form part of assessment centre or selection activities. See our advice on interviews and assessment centres for further advice.

Workplace skills 

Throughout your degree and life experiences, you will have developed many transferable skills that employers are seeking. This collection covers some of the most important transferable workplace skills, and will help you reflect on what you already have, as well as develop in areas in which you do not feel as confident. Whilst this content will be useful to you at any time, we particularly recommend it to any students due to start a placement, internship or job.