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Working internationally

Working internationally

Working internationally

If you are planning to work outside the UK after graduation, whether you are returning home or looking for opportunities elsewhere, here are some tips about how your experience of studying in Leeds can be a great advantage for your future career.

Make your experience matter. What skills have you gained from studying abroad?    

Your qualification from the University of Leeds will certainly attract the attention of graduate employers. Besides a world recognised qualification, studying in Leeds has most definitely provided you with a range of skills that employers will truly appreciate. It is very likely that after your studies abroad you are now more self confident, independent and you adjust to new environments easily.

Think about what skills you have gained from your everyday life, studies, extra-curricular activities or work in Leeds and make sure to emphasise them when applying for jobs abroad. They will really make you stand out.

Emphasise your knowledge of English

If English is not your first language, then living and studying in the UK has improved your ability to speak it and write it to a high standard. You have interacted with students from the UK on a daily basis and have also used English to communicate with people from other countries. Your fluency in English will be a great asset when applying for jobs at home; it can also offer you a fantastic exposure to international or travel opportunities. Multinational organisations with UK offices, clients or suppliers may be particularly interested in your international experience and language skills.

Make the most of the resources you have in Leeds

Remember the Careers Centre can help you develop your strategy for working abroad. We run lots of events to allow you to meet employers and help you with your applications and interviews. You can also talk to our Careers Centre staff; we will be happy to help you. 

If you are leaving the UK the International Student office will be able to advise you about visa regulations for working in other countries. 

Keep in touch with your academic tutors and employers from the UK

References written by your university supervisors or employers from the UK will look very strong on your job applications in your home country. Make sure you ask them for recommendations about your work. Keeping in touch with them can lead to new opportunities and partnerships so make the most of the contacts you already have. You can use LinkedIn to help you do this, particularly the alumni tool.

Returning home

If you are returning home after graduation it is a good idea to start making arrangements as early as possible since you will be occupied with exams and completing work in your last months. UKCISA has lots of information to help you prepare. Also, the 'Starting your career in...' country guides have key facts about current trends and jobs, advice about seeking employment and tips for making a successful application. 

Value contacts from home

Maintain good relationships with your networks in your home country as they can be really important when you are looking for employment after graduation. Keep in touch about the job market there so that you can change your strategy in response to developments. LinkedIn is a useful social network to help you with this.  

Going Global

We subscribe to GoinGlobal, which has advice on working in different countries and a database of opportunities. While you are still at university you will need to create a personal account so that you can continue to use it after graduating. If you have finished your studies and no longer on campus, please e-mail Careers Centre to obtain an exclusive login link to access GoinGlobal.  

Get Highered

We also subscribe to GetHighered, offering you access to thousands of opportunities, internships and jobs overseas. You can also attend many events, browse through country guides and even access a dedicated 'jobs in China' portal. 

Find out more 

Make sure to regularly explore MyCareer for a range of excellent vacancies and job opportunities. Search for (in the vacancy type) 'Global Careers' to identify range of excellent opportunities abroad.

We are also running a series of successful 'Global Careers' events inviting range of local and international employers to talk about their opportunities. To learn more and to book, visit MyCareer, book and events and in 'event label' search for 'Global Careers'. 

Majority of our Global Careers events and webinars are recorded and we invite you to continue using these resources, which we've recorded and made available to all. Explore our employer-led or alumni-led webinars, skills-based webinars and more - and see what you could learn.

Country specific recruitment:




  • China
  • GetHighered Jobs in China - exclusive access to jobs in China for students studying overseas
  • 51job - leading recruitment website in China with 100,000s of jobs
  • LockIn China - dedicated job search portal for Chinese returners
  • GradConnection -  for graduates jobs and internships in China, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • UK/China GradLink - specialist careers site for Chinese students studying in the UK.
  • Beginning your Career in China - a guide produced by Leeds University Business School for returning Chinese students. It gives details of preferential policies encouraging Chinese students to return to China and also covers job hunting, Chinese CVs, recruitment websites and the Chinese companies graduate recruitment program.
  • Resources for Job Hunting in China and Hong Kong - produced by the Careers Centre, giving resources to help returning students find opportunities.
  • India
  • Resources for Job Hunting in India - produced by the Careers Centre, giving resources to help returning students find opportunities.
  • UK/India GradLink - specialist careers site for Indian students studying in the UK.

  • Other Asian countries
  • GRADUAN - vacancy portal for Malaysian nationals. 
  • Resources for Job Hunting in South East Asia - produced by the Careers Centre, giving resources to help returning students find opportunities.
  • Gradlink ASEAN - specialist careers site for students from the ASEAN countries studying in the UK. 
  • GRADMalaysia - a career portal for students to find Malaysian employers and look for jobs or internships. 
  • Resources for Job Hunting in Japan - produced by the Careers Centre, giving resources to help returning students find opportunities.
  • GradLink Bangladesh - specialist careers site for Bangladeshi students studying in the UK.
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